Morning fellow doggi lovers

Morning fellow doggi lovers

Morning everyone in Doncaster, Askern, Knottingley, Pontefract, Castleford, Wakefield, Leeds, South Elmsall, Barnsley, etc

Well what a time we have had in the last few weeks!!

We have battled rain, sleet, and finally sludge…..  the field where we exercise and play is basically a “bog”.  Trying to clean the doggies feet before they go into their hotel rooms is soooooo funny.  Some stand and wait, some get quite angry and some bolt before we can get to do their feet.  Overall a hectic period in the life of a K9 Hotelier.

But we have had fun!!

Running to catch the ball before the doggies is always fun but even better in the sludge – as we have skidded a few times and fell head first into the mud…..  great fun!  NOT for us ha ha

Today we are starting afresh – no more January blue for us here at Doggi Divas.

Only smiles all the way – check us out for our photos of the doggies enjoying their holibobs on our Facebook page ( or Twitter page ( there are always posts on showing the doggies having fun in the sun or wet in the rain, whichever weather we have fun fun fun here at Doggi Divas.

From Grooming, daycare, to holidays, we cater for everything here.

WE HAVE NOW OPENED OUR DINKI DIVAS which is for small animals in particular cats.  This is situated away from the doggies and has its own TV, beds, scratching posts and central heating.  It really is a lovely place to bring your cats.

We also cater for rabbits, hamsters, lizards, etc anything you require we will look after as if they are our own.

That’s it for today, speak tomorrow xx